Share any scrumptious recipe that includes one of these superfoods

Tell us your superfood recipe

It’s time to have a scintillating affair
with your culinary skills.

All you have to do is use at least any 1 of these fantastic Superfoods, namely Moringa,
Ragi, Yoghurt, Makhana or Beetroot to cook a healthy and scrumptious dish.

Enter the contest by sharing your superfood recipe name
and description. All the participants will get Hafele Privilege Card worth
Rs. 8888/-*
Registrations open till 22nd July, 2019

40 shortlisted participants will have to
share a picture/video of the submitted recipe.
All the 40 shortlisted winners of round one will get amazon
voucher worth Rs. 1000/-
Submission Dates: 29th July 2019 to 2nd Aug 2019

10 final contestants will have to compete with each other
in the final cookout event which will be judged by Celebrity
Sashi Cheliah, 2018 MasterChef Australia Winner.

Top three winners from the final round will win the exciting prizes

Glimpse of Supermom Super Recipe Season 3, 2018

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